top 7 3D printed cars in the world 2016

Did you ever imagine yourself walking to purchase an automobile where you can design the car and print the vehicle parts right in front of you? While that may still be a little far into the future, there are 3D cars that have already been turned into a reality. 

Here are the top 7 3D printed Cars in the world right now. 

1. Shelby Cobra 56

The Shelby Cobra 3D printed automobile was developed by the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility in the United States Department of Energy. Using the Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine (BAAM), this machine can print great 3D, composite, lightweight parts that do not require tools. 

The iconic Shelby Cobra made nearly fifty years ago is now recreated with the latest technology. The car includes a new engine, fuel cell technologies, battery, power electronics, hybrid system design, and a wireless charging system. This was developed to help researchers test new innovative ideas with ease as the 3D auto parts contain twenty percent carbon fiber material. 

2. Genesis

Since 2012, EDAG has been exploring the use of generative, bionic designed structures. The EDAG GENESIS is based on the bionic pattern of a turtle. The shell provides protections and cushion as the skeleton of the automobile. The body of the car is almost like a metaphor; it does not form the entire coverage but rather a safety. 

EDAG believes that traditional design has restrictions and will only play a tiny role in additive manufacturing. The concept of Genesis is that it is one of the most influential cars of for the future use of 3D printing automobiles. 

3. Strati

The Strati is considered as the iconic ancestor of 3D printed cars as it was developed by a tank meant for engineering, design, and mobility by Local Motors. This 3D printed automobile came from the award-winning creation by Michele Anoe, an Italian designer. The company used 3D printed to create an entire automobile from the beginning during five days in Chicago for the IMTS 2014. 

According to Local Motors, it is said that the Strati were made in just forty-four hours. It is an electric 3D printed automobile that was produced with Cincinnati’s BAAM 3D printing technology as well as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. While the parts including the battery, wheels, and electronics are not printed in 3D, it certainly gives 3D cars a step in the next direction. 

4. UrbeeManufacturer

The Urbee will forever hold the title of the first 3D printed car in the world. What started as a small project by Kor Ecologic, a team of seasoned designers, soon became the first 3D printed car that’s truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The primary goal was to design a car that would take a couple and their dog from New York to San Francisco with just ten gallons of bio-fuel – setting a world record. 

It soon became apparent that 3D printing is the most efficient method for building cars and making then the greenest efficient cars to ever be built. Urbee contains 80% of 3D printed car parts. 

Kor is currently working on the URBEE 2, which will take sustainable cars to the next level with 3D printed interior elements. 

5. Soulmate

During the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, EDAG presenting another fantastic automobile concept where EDAG worked with Bosch engineers to turn connected mobility into reality. 

The interior of the Soulmate 3D printed car combines several features that will be available on networked cars in the future. The automobile has an estimated 50% of 3D printed car parts. Soulmate displays a lightweight design of the predecessor, the Light Cocoon, which was made possible by 3D printing technology. 

6. Blade

Blade is another 3D printed car that is surely a beauty. It is not only the first supercar that was built with 3D printing but also the vision of the company. Divergent3D incorporates 3D printed nodes parts that are constructed by carbon fiber material that can be arranged within a ten minutes. 

The technical features of the 3D supercar are quite impressive as the engine is able to deliver as much as 500 horsepower within three seconds. The whole car weighs just 2 tons – making it entirely lightweight in its kind. While Blade is making history on its own, Divergent3D is looking forward to making 3D printed cars up to ninety percent lighter with the idea to build better futuristic automobiles in local factories. 

7. StreetScooter C-16

The StreetScooter C-16 short distance vehicle is quite a possible one of the most versatile four-wheeled mobile system ever made. According to the Production of E-Mobility Components team at Aachen University, a Stratasys Objet1000 multi-material 3D production system was used. 

Are you excited for the next 3D printed cars to come? Comment below and let us know your favorite 3D car! 

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