Tech Blogs

Check out some of the best technology blogs for more information on the current news in technology.



According to Technorati, TechCrunch is the second-largest technology blog overall. With a large team, their very own network of sites includes CrunchGear, TalkCrunch, and MobileCrunch. Since 2005, TechCrunch has reached well over 12 million visitors with an average of 37 million views a month. Here you will find all the latest gossip on the next upcoming innovations and products.



Gizmodo is a technology, design, and science website that launched in 2002. It is a must-follow site to check out the latest news in technology and entertainment. Gizmodo’s known for an active site with plenty of relevant tech posts and even the most humorous comments on the web.



If you don’t already know Mashable, chances are you’re living under a rock. Mashable is taking the world by storm through Facebook, Twitter, news, and everything else tech junkies can get their hands on.



GigaOM is another technology blog that offers the latest news, reviews, and analysis on startups, promising technologies as well as other tech-related content. The site was originality dedicated to technology but has now been set for technology news, cleantech, data, cloud, mobile and video news.



ZDnet strives to deliver the latest news coverage, analysis, and trends in technology. From software to hardware and the newest innovations, ZDNet provides news on the next emerging trends. Follow ZDNet to get your insight on the next product or solve any technical problems you may have.