5 reasons why teslas new solar roof tiles are battery is a big deal

With the latest unveiling of Tesla’s new solar roof tiles, some of us are still asking one question: why does it matter? Aside from the new fashion state Tesla is making, green power and a future without the need for fossil fuels is a big reason why this is such a big deal. New solar roof tiles and home batteries are creating the paths to new ways of solar solutions. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles and Home Battery is a Big Deal. 

Looks Matter


For many years, many homeowners and developers have shied away from the rooftop solar panels, despite their benefits. Many are not fond of the style and appearance that the solar panel as regarding clashing with the room. With the Tesla-SolarCity solar roofs, the new solar roofing tiles look like exactly what they should be – a roof. 

Tesla’s tiles come from four types of tiles – slate glass, textured glass, smooth glass, and Tuscan glass. This feature in itself gives homeowners more to consider when looking to revamp their homes to build a new home. The styles make the solar roof tiles much more approachable as it also gives the home an eco-friendly appeal without tarnishing the roof. 

Benefits Go Beyond Solar 


Sources say that Tesla’s solar tiles will be able to power a standard-sized home and even provide extra power through the Powerwall 2 battery. The Powerwall battery is said to be efficient in case of a power outage for weather damage. It is also noted that the overall expensives of installing the solar roof tiles will be cheaper than installing a regular roof along with paying the electricity bill for power. 

In addition to saving on costs, Tesla’s tiles are said to be more resilient that traditional materials used for roofs. This is due to the toughness of the glass that was used in their construction. During the unveiling event of Tesla’s roof tiles, a demonstration revealed the results of a massive impact against the various materials using in roofing and the solar tiles. 

In theory, this should mean that the solar tiles are much more resistant to potential weather damage such as hail, debris, fallen trees, etc. According to Musk, the roofs are expected to last three times more than the 20-year lifespan – which is the average life expectancy of the common roof materials that are used today. 

Builds a New Form of Ecosystem


While Tesla has announced that it won’t start installing the solar tiles in many homes just yet, Musk says he expects the Powerwall to outsell his Tesla cars. With the Powerwall, solar roofing and Tesla cars combined, all three features can indeed create a new form of the ecosystem in consumer technology. Most likely, the ones that carry out in the shape of self-sufficiency and provide ecological benefits. 

You can almost see just how solar tile roofs and Powerwalls will eventually be installed in a way to give homeowners power generation and storage with potential options. 

Cost Reduction


While the current versions have a 2% loss of efficiency, this means you will receive 98% of what you would normally get from a traditional solar panel. However, Tesla is currently working with 3M to improve the coatings and go above the average efficiency. This means the light could be trapped within reach, leading energy to bounce around and result in less energy loss overall. 

It is also noted that the cost of the traditional roof tiles can vary from $7,000 to as much as $70,000 depending on the requirements of the ceiling. The big question is whether or not homeowners will wait decades for the full payback of the solar tiles. 

Larger Powerwall Batteries


The powerwall batteries and solar roof tiles pair together as the future will rely on solar plus battery during the times with little sun. The shine doesn’t shine at night, which means your home will need batteries. You can fill up the battery during daylight, and then use the battery during the evenings. If you add the electric vehicle that is necessary to charge with power, the system is complete. Eventually, solar energy will be held accountable for nearly 60% of the energy used all over the world. 

The solar roof tile product is expected to see installations by the summer of 2017. With opening plans to start with two tile options, Tesla will gradually expand the tile options during the process period. As the solar roof tiles are made of quartz glass, the tiles should be able to last long that asphalt tile and even longer than the house itself. 

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